Subject: Equivalent of Row Level Security for HBase

  Simon Mottram 2019-09-03, 00:59
  Reid Chan 2019-09-03, 02:45
Hi Reid

Thanks very much for taking the time to reply.

It looks as if you can give multiple users permissions on the cell
level which  would seem to open the door to effective RLS. It would
mean having to set ACL on each cell individually which is a bit clunky
but sounds like it's a good way to go if there's no 'cleaner'

Cell Visibility also looks good, so I can do something like:

CellVisibility is an expression that can contain visibility labels
combined with logical operators AND(&), OR(|) and NOT(!)
For example, to label the cell to be accessible by a user who is
granted either ‘private’ or ‘topsecrete’ label,

    put.setCellVisibility(new CellVisibility(“userGroup1|userGroup2”))

Good to have a backstop, thanks!


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