Subject: Retrieving large rows from Hbase


I'm new to this distribution list and to Hbase in general, so I apologize if I'm asking a basic question.

I'm running an Apache Hbase Cluster on AWS EMR. I have a table that is a single column family, 75,000 columns and 50,000 rows. I'm trying to get all the column values for a single row, and when the row is not sparse, and has 75,000 values, the return time is extremely slow - it takes almost 3.5 seconds for me to fetch the data from the DB. I'm querying the table from a Lambda function running Happybase.
What can I do to make this faster? This seems incredibly slow - the return payload is 75,000 value pairs, and is only ~2MB. It should be much faster than 3 seconds. I'm looking for millisecond return time.

I have a BLOCKCACHE size of 8194kb, a BLOOMFILTER of type ROW, and SNAPPY compression enabled on this table.