On Jun 24, 2011, at 10:08 PM, Doug Cutting wrote:

If we apply trademark policy to this discussion, then the only answer possible
is that only releases made by the Apache Hadoop PMC can be called Hadoop.
That is, after all, the essence of board delegation to PMCs and the meaning
of trademarks.

Traditionally, we have also allowed distributions that apply
released security patches, for example as found in


and turned a blind eye toward changes that are purely to port to a new platform.
I did not write those exceptions down because I don't know what (if any) impact
they might have on enforcement.

I said before that we typically don't argue about distributions that include
revisions that are on a release branch, but that assumed the project is
actually working toward a release of that branch.  I have a hard time believing
that Hadoop's trunk is a release branch.  In any case, this very specific
exception should be entirely decided by the project -- the VP of Trademarks
has no role in deciding what is the purview of each PMC, namely the decision
on what is or is not released in the name of that project.