On Feb 17, 2011, at 4:43 AM, Bernd Fondermann wrote:

It is not open development.  The development community can do better,
but it has to make up for past mistakes first.

That is simply untrue.  If the code came from one company's employees
and they all signed an employment agreement with their employer and
the employer approves of the contribution and the committer knows that
when they commit (and logs the authors of the patch when committed),
then all necessary IP clearance has been done.  Committers are responsible
for ensuring that they have permission to commit under their own CLA.

> For larger chunks I'd suggest to even go via the Incubator IP clearance process.

Nonsense (with director hat on).

> Only then will we force committers to primarily work here in the open
> and return to what I'd consider a healthy project.

No, you'll force people to work on the open by actually collaborating
with them as they work and veto a patch for any technical faults it
may contain.  Pestering them about your personal view of the Apache Way
of development is not a contribution.