Hi Folks,

I've integrated the feedback I've gotten on the design lounge.  A couple of clarifications:

1) The space will be open both days of the formal summit.  Apache Committers / contributors are invited to stop by any time and use the space to meet / network any time during the show.

2) Below I've listed the times that various project members have suggested they will be present to talk with others contributors about their project.  If we get a big showing for any of these slots we'll encourage folks to do the unconference thing: Select a set of topics they want to talk about and break up into groups to do so.

3) This is an experiment.  Our goal is to make the summit as useful as possible to the folks who build the Apache projects in the Apache Hadoop stack.  Please let me know how it works for you and ideas for making this even more effective.

Committed times so far, with topic champion (Note - I've adjusted suggested times to fit with the program a bit more smoothly):

11-1 - Hive - Ashutosh - The stinger initiative and other Hive activities
2 - 4 - Security breakout - Kevin Minder - HSSO, Knox, Rhino
3 - 4 - Frameworks to run services like HBase on Yarn - Weave, Hoya … - Devaraj Das
4 - 5 - Accumulo - Billie Rinaldi
11-1 - Finishing Yarn - Arun Murthy - Near term improvements needed
2 - 4 - HDFS - Suresh & Sanjay
4 - 5 - Getting involved in Apache - Billie Rinaldi
See you all soon!


PS Please forward to other Apache -dev lists and CC me.  Thanks!

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