On 09/29/2011 12:35 PM, Eric Baldeschwieler wrote:

The ASF discourages the use of Java's @author tag in large part because
it tends to mark code as the territory of particular contributors.  We
want ASF codebases to be the responsibility of an entire community.

Claiming that one party has contributed more than all others together
seems to me to be a similar claim of ownership and a demand for credit.
 Folks should contribute to the ASF because they want the contributions
of others to join their contributions, not so they can gain credit.

Also, I'd be concerned for the health of a project if one group was
really doing nearly all of the contribution.

> http://www.hortonworks.com/the-yahoo-effect/

Hmm.  Lines of code are not proportional to effort.  The stacked
cumulative histogram makes slopes steeper for those who happen to be on
top.  And the codebase did not start from zero in 2006.

Here are some other reports for 0.23 that make contribution look pretty
diverse and healthy.


Statistics are fun, aren't they!