Thanks for working on this,  Steve!!

+1 non-binding
- Built from source on 1.8.0_111-b14, mac
- Verified checksum
- Built non secure local cluster
- Run yarn jobs like: pi,word count, DFSIO (read/write)
- Performed basic HDFS operations
- Basic sanity for NameNode and RM UI.


On 7/11/18, 8:05 AM, "Steve Loughran" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

    I've got RC0 of Hadoop 2.7.7 up for people to download and play with
    Nexus artifacts 2.7.7 are up in staging
    Git (signed) tag release-2.7.7-RC0, checksum c1aad84bd27cd79c3d1a7dd58202a8c3ee1ed3ac
    My current GPG key is 38237EE425050285077DB57AD22CF846DBB162A0
    you can download this direct (and it MUST be direct) from the ASF HTTPS site
    Please try the release and vote. The vote will run for 5 days.
    (I should add: this is my first ever attempt at a Hadoop release, please be (a) rigorous and (b) forgiving. Credit to Wei-Chiu Chuang for his advice).
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