On 11/15/2011 06:06 PM, Konstantin Boudnik wrote:

By no means.  I thought that we might, as Scott Carey said, treat 0.22
as a minor release in the 1.x series.  I'd prefer that we consistently
rename branches (0.20.x becomes 1.0.x, 0.21.x becomes 1.1.x, etc.).

We're rapidly falling into the trap of putting too much significance in
a version number, seeking some sort of marketing boost by declaring 1.0.
 We can sidestep this by simply dropping the leading 0. and henceforth
referring to things as 20, 21, 22, etc.  This minimizes confusion, since
there's no significant renaming, it gets us around the marketing issue
of still being pre-1.0, and it keeps us from putting too much importance
into version numbers.