On Aug 23, 2011, at 5:17 PM, Matt Foley wrote:

Note that the mechanism for encouraging community participation is
very much in the hands of the RM.  So, just do it.  For example,
the file you provided is much like the original STATUS file
that I added to httpd development a long time ago, though I
strongly suggest you commit it to subversion instead of expecting
people to track it in email.  For that matter, I thought Jira has
the ability to track multiple releases already -- why not use the
tracking system directly?

I do feel a need to remind folks: releases are NOT a consensus
decision, but the specific changes allowed within a given release
can be vetoed with a valid technical reason that may be specific
to that release branch (e.g., compatibility concerns are almost
always scoped by version branch).  You should be asking folks to
make any negative opinions known as well, since that is critical
to pruning the tree down to the set of patches that can actually
be placed in front of the group to vote on as a release candidate.