Drink heavily?


Let me rephrase.

Part of the exercise is for you, the student to come up with the idea. Not solicit someone else for a suggestion.  This is how you learn.

The exercise is to get you to think about the following:

1) What is Hadoop
2) How does it work
3) Why would you want to use it

You need to understand #1 and #2 to be able to #3.

But at the same time... you need to also incorporate your own view of the world.
What are your hobbies? What do you like to do?
What scares you the most?  What excites you the most?
Why are you here?
And most importantly, what do you think you can do within the time period.
(What data can you easily capture and work with...)

Have you ever seen 'Eden of the East' ? ;-)

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