I would like to bump this thread up.

TLDR; There is a proposed version of a new hadoop site which is
available from here: https://elek.github.io/hadoop-site-proposal/ and

Please let me know what you think about it.
Longer version:

This thread started long time ago to use a more modern hadoop site:

Goals were:

  1. To make it easier to manage it (the release entries could be
created by a script as part of the release process)
  2. To use a better look-and-feel
  3. Move it out from svn to git

I proposed to:

  1. Move the existing site to git and generate it with hugo (which is a
single, standalone binary)
  2. Move both the rendered and source branches to git.
  3. (Create a jenkins job to generate the site automatically)

NOTE: this is just about forrest based hadoop.apache.org, NOT about the
documentation which is generated by mvn-site (as before)
I got multiple valuable feedback and I improved the proposed site
according to the comments. Allen had some concerns about the used
technologies (hugo vs. mvn-site) and I answered all the questions why I
think mvn-site is the best for documentation and hugo is best for
generating site.
I would like to finish this effort/jira: I would like to start a
discussion about using this proposed version and approach as a new site
of Apache Hadoop. Please let me know what you think.
Thanks a lot,