Subject: Split hive out of core on Wednesday 11/12

Sounds good. Wednesday may be too aggressive though, we are just starting to evaluate what we need to change in our build and deployment scripts to make this happen. Can we shoot for Friday afternoon instead. I think we will have a clear idea of a migration path by then.

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Subject: Split hive out of core on Wednesday 11/12

We need to start getting the new sub-projects out of Core. As the least intertwined, I think we should do Hive first. I'd like to suggest 2pm on this Wednesday for the day to move the subversion repos. You'll need to hold off on checkins to Hive between 2pm and probably 2:30pm when I'll give the all clear.
will become

After the move, you'll need to do svn switch to change your work directory to the new url.

Other issues:
   1. I think it makes the most sense to leave the next Hive release as 0.20.
   2. The Hive developers will need to decide how to schedule releases now that they are independent.
   3. I'll create the new Jira repository and move the current bugs, probably this afternoon.
   4. If you are working on Hive, please subscribe to hive-dev@hadoop and hive-user@hadoop.
   5. I'll copy over the hbase forrest files so that someone can work on making a project page for

-- Owen