Hi everyone,

Consider following DDL:

    CREATE TABLE partition_test
      (a INT)

    ALTER TABLE partition_test ADD
        PARTITION (b=1) location '/tmp/test1'
        PARTITION (b=2) location '/tmp/test2';

Now lets have a look what was created:

    DESCRIBE EXTENDED partition_test PARTITION (b=1);
    DESCRIBE EXTENDED partition_test PARTITION (b=2);

Both describe statements yield "location:hdfs://example.com:9000/tmp/test1",
which is obviously incorrect.

This behavior *is* mentioned on wiki[1], but the article speaks
specifically of hive 0.7. I just tested this in versions 0.7.1 and 0.10.0,
and they both exhibit this bug. I wasn't even able to find a JIRA for this
issue, was I looking wrong? Or should a new one be created?

Best regards,
Jan Dolinar