If we do a 1.0.0 release there is no problem with us later releasing 14.1
or a 14.2. I think everyone would understand that the 14.2 being released
after 1.0.0 would likely have back ported features. Releasing a 15.0 after
1.0 would not make as much sense as we probably do not want two active

What I am most concerned about is we have been doing hive releases against
snapshots of Apache|Other projects. Releases should not depend on
snapshots. If the other project is not mature enough to have a release we
should probably not be depending on it.

I understand why this happens but I think it is a bit hokie. Would anyone
be happy if hive depended on
"git-edwardcapriolo-coolutils-0.0.0-snapshot-5". So if we are having the
"serious 1.0 talk" we should avoid things like this.

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