"how does vertica compare with Hive in similar settings"
Vertical in hive do no have similar settings. Vertica is a columnar MPP
analytic database. Hive is an SQL on hadoop platform. Depending on your
usage patterns you can use these things interchangeably but not all.

Vertica can do low latency < 1 second. select queries based on
"PROJECTIONS" which are something like materialized views. Hive is a batch
processing system and not built for low latency queries.

Hive use cases typically chop up very large datasets and produce other
large data sets, or smaller datasets which are put into online systems for
low latency analysis.

Even if you use one of the columnar style formats like Parquet and the
faster execution engines you are not going to get the type of experience
you get from vertica.

Vertical to Mysql. They both do queries, but vertica does not do primary
key enforcement and is non-optimal for small row at a time insertions.
Certain datasets mysql queries faster some Vertical will query faster.

Basically hive and vertica are very different even though they are both
considered data warehouses.

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