The problem is that we've released 3.0, otherwise, we can just add it in 3.0 branch.
From the user perspective, I agree with merging it with feature flags in 3.x, though I agree with "Breaking changes must bump the major version". I believe no one in the industry has deployed impala-3.0 in production, so actually, if we add it in 3.1, no one is broke. We can mark that 3.0 is experimental and not recommended to use when we release 3.1. In the other side, if hopefully this feature has a workaround or feature flag, it shouldn't be considered as "breaking".
It's too early to have a 4.x branch. I can't imagine that we maintain 2.x, 3.x, 4.x and maybe 5.x (for future breaking changes) together when the majority of the community is still using 2.x branch.
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