if you are somewhere on the West Coast (i.e. if your servers are configured to run on the 'America/Los_Angeles' timezone), do you mind changing this line from:

Timestamp timestampIn = new Timestamp(1509859800000L);


Timestamp timestampIn = new Timestamp(1509870600000L);

and see if it make any difference?

Also I see you are running a different version of Impalad (2.9.0-cdh5.12.1), while I am on v2.10.0-cdh5.13.0.

On the other hand, I'll give it a try with the latest JDBC driver provider by Cloudera and see how it goes.

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It seems to work as expected using the latest version of the Impala JDBC driver.
Might you give that a try and see if it solves your issue?

create table t (pk int primary key, ts timestamp)
partition by hash(pk) partitions 2
stored as kudu
tblproperties('kudu.num_tablet_replicas' = '1');

*** Database product version: 2.9.0-cdh5.12.1
*** JDBC Driver version:
TimestampIn: 2017-11-04 22:30:00.0 - getTime(): 1509859800000
TimestampOut: 2017-11-04 22:30:00.0 - getTime(): 1509859800000

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