I think most patches go to Gerrit branch 'master', which happens to
identify itself as 3.0. (Or 3.x?).

Here's a picture:

[image: Inline image 1]
With this, every time "cherrypick_and_push_to_asf.py" is run, it would
first offer to cherrypick changes between master and 2.x. Then, it would
offer push those cherrypicks to gerrit/2.x. After that, it continues on as
before and offers to push changes to ASF. I think this maintains the
invariant that pushing to ASF is only done with a human trigger. (We could
also have step 1 be done by a Jenkins robot, since it's between Gerrit and

I looked at the How to Release page, and the main difference would be that,
for a 2.x release, the $COMMIT_HASH_YOU_CHOSE would come from the 2.x
branch, as would any cherrypicks.

Does this match what you're thinking?


-- Philip

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