Subject: Swagger / Apache Isis response batching

Ok, thanks Nikhil,

this sounds like an issue - worth investigating - to me.

Clarification: Tanancy logic is handled by the 'security' module that's
provided by the 'incode platform', which is not part of Isis 'core'.

Just to let you know: It's unlikely, that I myself, will look into
incode's source-code, but hopefully someone else will help out!

Regards, Andi
On 2018/02/01 05:05:08, Nikhil Dhamapurkar <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
an application which supports tenancy because when the object is going
to be rendered for UI or sent to client it will pass through the
implementation of interface ApplicationTenancyEvaluator which will need
to read data from user or roles.>
the data will get inserted in DB much ahead than the responses received
on the client handler.>
> I added small instrumentation in code with stop watch which had total
time taken for the request /response, Time spent in tenancy checks ,
time spent in Menu calls in Apache ISIS but the total client time is
much more than sum of tenancy + method call execution time.>
> Regards>
> Nikhil>
> From: Andi Huber>
> Sent: 31 January 2018 14:46>
> Subject: Re: Swagger / Apache Isis response batching>
> Hi Nikhil,>
> I guess there is no such option, but I might be wrong.>
> From my understanding, any request you send to Isis (and swagger), is>
> processed within a transaction Likely you don't get a response unless>
> this particular transaction has completed (either with success or not).>
> Not sure if this applies to your use-case, but you might solve this by>
> reducing the number of records done per batch.>
> If you believe this is an issue with Isis, we could look into it, but>
> would need more information on how to reproduce the issue.>
> regards, Andi>
> On 2018/01/29 16:04:12, Nikhil Dhamapurkar <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>>
> wrote:>
> >>
> > Hi,>>
> >>
> > We are persisting data in DB using isis / swagger URI around 5500>
> records. I can see the inserts in Database are being done at acceptable>
> times; in a few milliseconds.>>
> >>
> > But I can see that swagger / apache isis is batching the responses and>
> not sending them asap this delays the client from getting the response>
> back in time.>>
> >>
> > Since he response is not received the client in its next cycle send>
> the same request, is there a property where I can disable this
batching ?>>
> >>
> > I have tried adding c3p0 for connection pooling and cached tenancy>
> changes ins some cases to gain performance improvement but its not>
> helping much.>>
> >>
> >>
> > Statistics :>>
> > DB insert per record ~ 2ms.>>
> > The response time seen in client increases ( maybe queued ?) = 30 sec>
> and more for later inserts.>>
> >>
> > Regards>>
> > Nikhil>>
> >>
> >>