Subject: Re: Wicket Viewer limitations with DataNucleus?

  Dan Haywood 2018-09-26, 05:31
  Brian K 2018-09-26, 17:48
  Dan Haywood 2018-09-26, 17:53
  Brian K 2018-09-26, 18:15
  Andi Huber 2018-09-26, 20:46
Hi Andi,

Thanks for pointing that out!  I was retrofitting my code that used a
String field in its primary key.  The good news is that, after copying part
of my code to the 2.0.0-M1 HelloWorld project and altering to fit the new
2.0 classes, I no longer get the error that I reported in my email a while
back.  But, I haven't reproduced the error in the 1.16.2 code base yet from
the SimpleApp archetype.  This gives me a good start to getting my domain
code working with the 2.0 version with hopes that the error will not
occur.  I'll let you know if it does.

Thanks again!

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