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Hi Johan,

Thanks for the reply.  In using the REST API from a csharp application, I
want to be able to generate a client stub and code to that.  This is what
Swagger Codegen is made for.  For the Apache Isis REST implementation, I
notice the following:
   1.  All the domain object actions are represented by REST operations
that take the object's instanceId as the first argument.  This is a string
that for an integer primary key is something like "i_1".  I see this in the
REST response as either the property "$$instanceId" or the JSON property
"instanceId" above the "members" property.
   2.  This instanceId is not in the Swagger specification generated by
Isis.  When I load the specification (from the prototyping menu) into, the response example it creates for the action
does not include the $$instanceId property that is there when I call that
endpoint on the Isis application.  This is true for each schema I download
(public, private, private with prototyping).
Therefore, the client generated by codegen is not useable without falling
back to looking directly at the JSON of the REST operation  response.

It may be a good idea to include the instanceId in the generated
specification so that these actions can be called from generated clients.
I could add a read-only property to return the instanceId, but I am hoping
there is a better way.


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