Subject: maven-compiler-plugin upgrade in v2 branch causing regression

I tracked down a test failure that involved calling a SOAP web service with
CXF code that was generated as part of the build cycle from the live
service's WSDL.  the SimpleApp pom has an entry in it that reads:
        <!-- override incode-build -->

Bringing this line into my project (created with the 2.0.0-M1 SimpleApp
archetype) causes an error in this test where it receives an xml element
with a namespace and is expecting an empty namespace, effectively ignoring
the annotation @WebResult in the generated client code:
@WebResult(name = "pdfDoc", targetNamespace = "
    public invoke(....

I might create an example project for this and raise a ticket.  Is there a
compelling reason to go to version 3.8 from 3.1?