Subject: Re: swagger-codegen

  Andi Huber 2018-08-29, 05:18
  Andi Huber 2018-08-29, 05:45
Hi Andi,

Thanks for opening the ticket.  I don't know that the hidden attributes
would cause an error in the generated client; I haven't gotten as far as
testing it because I couldn't get code that sufficed.  The generated client
just doesn't have access to the object id that is required for invoking an
object's actions.

As for a work-around - I don't see where I'd get the object id from, so I
can't readily put it in a read-only property.  If you can point me to where
I'd get, for example, "i_1" from an object with a single integer primary
key, then I could make such a property.  Otherwise, it'll be a bit more of
a kludge to code the property to return "i_" + or have a
DomainService action that takes the primary key among its arguments.

Thanks again!

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