Subject: Domain Events

Hi Dan,
while working on JEE support for Isis, I encountered difficulties with
the Axon framework:

Just the first exception thrown (there might be other issues as well)
originates from Axon requesting an EntityManager from JEE, which is not
available out of the box if not configured. (And we don't need to
configure one, because we - as of yet - use JDO.)

Following earlier posts on the mailing list, I think we had event
processing using Guava, which worked on JEE containers without issues.

CDI (since JEE 6) provides event processing as well, and Weld [2] which
is the reference implementation of CDI, is now also available for Java
SE. So I guess Weld could be deployed on non-CDI environments to provide
event processing.

I'm confident, with some additional investigation, we can use Axon on
JEE, but the question emerges:

Are we sure we want to use Axon for event processing, considering that
we have a tendency towards CDI anyway?

Cheers, Andi