Subject: New Member joins the Apache Isis Team

  Kevin Meyer 2017-10-05, 18:57
  Martin Grigorov 2017-10-05, 19:51
  Stephen Cameron 2017-10-06, 00:05
  Óscar Bou 2017-10-06, 06:44
  Johan Doornenbal 2017-10-06, 07:29
Thank you all very much!

I'm excited to be part of this great project. I'll still have to learn
how things work around here. So please bare with me, I'm always open for

How did I find this project?

I guess 3 years back, I read an article, where the author talked about
this intriguing idea of 'Naked Objects'. I was hooked the very moment,
when I realized that in my younger days, I tried something similar,
without having a name for it. Back then I failed of course, with the
required effort being too overwhelming.

Then I searched the web for java frameworks honoring 'Naked Objects' and
found ISIS.

I had a difficult start with it (trying to run it on payara).  And I
missed features. In retrospective it required time to find my
programming style and develop some best practice patterns. (I mostly
found the documentation excellent, but vast at the same time.)

I learned about JDO: Many headaches, but possibly faster than any other
persistence layer?!
I learned about lombok:  So great! For me it already feels like it's
part of the java language.

So here I am.