Subject: Merging maint-1.16.1 into master; checking status of our branches

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On 14.02.2018 12:55, Dan Haywood wrote:
This branch introduces the new 'Internal API', a collection of code
idioms frequently used in isis-core-applib. If we commit to using this
Internal API, we should merge this branch into 2.0.0-M1 as soon as
possible. (Not sure if a fast forward will work ... there's a lot of
code being moved around, but you may definitely try.)
Yes is ready, can be merged in. Only documentation is missing. We have
config options to enable or disable this feature. It introduces a new
annotation in applib: @Parent
No ISIS-1852 [1] is rather a severe issue, which also affects 1.16. (It
prevents use of parallel streams on collections of domain objects.)
Let's not worry about ISIS-1779-jax-rs-2 too much right now. The last
commit [2] is kind of an experiment, and maybe I need to redo some of
these ideas anyway.