Subject: Re: Assessing security of Apache Isis applications

  Paulo Cesar Sequeira Guti... 2020-04-23, 06:38
  Andi Huber 2020-04-23, 07:24
  Paulo Cesar Sequeira Guti... 2020-04-24, 04:33
  Paulo Cesar Sequeira Guti... 2020-04-05, 05:17
Dear Paulo,

I'm one of the more involved developers on Apache Isis. I'm happy to help you getting started with the framework or answer questions.

I'd say at least 90% of our current effort goes into work on Apache Isis Version 2. The final release might still take some couple of months, but we do have intermediate milestone releases on our way there. We just released Milestone 3.

I think for us, it would make more sense having Apache Isis Version 2 assessed, even though we have no final release yet.

For starters, we do have a Docker Image [1]  that's built on a daily basis, showcasing many of the framework features. You might consider whether this application can be used as a starting point for your assessment.

You might also consider having Slack chats with me and our community. Feel free to join via [2].

Cheers Andi


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