Subject: Splitting Core into even more modules

Update 2:

We have working plugins now (in 2.0.0-M1):

* isis/core/plugins/jdo-datanucleus-4
* isis/core/plugins/jdo-datanucleus-5
* isis/core/plugins/discovery-reflections
* isis/core/plugins/eventbus-axon
* isis/core/plugins/eventbus-guava

Meaning M1 now supports both DN-4 and DN-5!

All(!) Core modules no longer depend on datanucleus. Just depending on Standard JDO API.
We need to backport datanucleus specific commits from M2 into M1 now. [1]
Cheers, Andi!

On 01.03.2018 22:22, Andi Huber wrote: