Subject: Datanucleus federated datastore creates correctly, queries incorrectly


I'm hoping you can look at this apparent bug or tell me what I
misconfigured.  I made github repo demonstrating this in 2.0.0-M1:

I generated from this command:
mvn archetype:generate  \
    -D archetypeGroupId=org.apache.isis.archetype \
    -D archetypeArtifactId=helloworld-archetype \
    -D archetypeVersion=2.0.0-M1 \
    -D groupId=com.mycompany \
    -D artifactId=federatedDS-2_0_0-M1 \
    -D version=1.0-SNAPSHOT \

I copied the HelloWorldObject to make the HelloOtherWorldObject, using text
replace to fix references.
I configured the HelloOtherWorldObject with this annotation:
    @Extension(vendorName = "datanucleus", key = "datastore", value =
I added this to end of
   # For secondary datastore:
I created the file src/main/java/ with these

I am run the command:  mvn clean jetty:run
I create three instances HelloWorldObject from the "Hello World Objects"
menu, naming them "a", "b", and "c"
I create three instances of HelloOtherWorldObject from the "Other" menu,
naming them "1", "2", and "3"
I can update the instance of HelloOtherWorldObject I just created to add a
note text
I can view the HelloWorldObject instances via HSQLDB manager at the default
connection url: jdbc:hsqldb:mem:test
  Note:  at this point, there is only a single table in the
jdbc:hsqldb:mem:test database;  It is for HelloWorldObject
I can view the HelloOtherWorldObject instances via HSQLDB manager by the
HSQLDB manager's File menu - Connect, changing the connection url to:
I can list the HelloWorldObject instances via the "Hello World Objects"
menu.  find by name also works as expected
The update I made to HelloOtherWorldObject immediately after creating it is
reflected correctly in jdbc:hsqldb:mem:test_other

***Now, this is where it goes wrong:

If I list the HelloOtherWorldObject instances via the "Other" menu, it
shows no results
If I execute the menu command "Other" - "Find by Name" to find one of the
HelloOtherWorldObject instances I just created it does not find anything
   Now Note: there exists an additional table in the jdbc:hsqldb:mem:test
database for HelloOtherWorldObject.  This has no data and is not used by
additional inserts for HelloOtherWorldObject.
I did this first with 1.16.2.  In brief:
   * Create works for HelloWorldObject
   * Create works for HelloOtherWorldObject but shows error when displaying
the object just created
   * HelloWorldObject List All throws error
I can publish my test with 1.16.2 to github if it would help.