Subject: Exception for Blob property

Hi Dan,

Thanks, I will try to get the answers on your questions.

 > - is this failing for every entity instance/row? StreamCorrupted
suggestsa probably with an individual field
It is failing for each row

 > - does the 1.15.x version of your app work with this specific entity
Yes it does work

 > - is this entity instance particularly large? is there a limit being hit?
I even fails for very small files

A first difference I see between our app based on 1.15.x and 1.16.2:

When retrieving a Blob these are the select statements
SELECT A0.file_name,A0.file_mimetype,A0.file_bytes FROM LibraryDocuments
A0 WHERE = <225>

SELECT A0.file_name FROM LibraryDocuments A0 WHERE = <225> (So the
actual bytes are not selected)

I have the same issue when saving a new document to the database:
INSERT INTO LibraryDocuments (creation_date,file_name,DISCRIMINATOR)
VALUES (?,?,?)" failed : Field 'file_bytes' doesn't have a default value

As if the file_bytes and file_mimetype columns are ignored.

Will try to get more answers.

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