Subject: Re: Boolean property wicket display

Hi Dan,

I followed the wicket viewer docs [1] and was able to call my custom
component after doing the following.

I implemented a copy of BooleanPanel, BooleanPanelFactory,
I created a subclass of ComponentFactoryRegistrar and IsisWicketApplication
I referenced my new IsisWicketApplication in the webapp module's web.xml.
Overriding the init() method per the docs, I can see it is being called,
but the newIsisWicketModule() method is not being called.

Turns out, newIsisWicketModule(isisConfiguration) was being called.  I am
overriding that method now, and just one more discrepancy:
The docs sample code has the extension of ComponentRegistrarDefault add the
default componentFactories before adding the custom one.  This used the
default BooleanPanelFactory instead of my custom one.  When I added the
custom one first then it used the custom one.

I put in a trivial html change to verify my component is being used.  I'll
be adding the useful parts next.  I'm using the ScalarModel's cssClass to
determine whether appliesTo() will select the custom component.  Is there a
better way to identify places to use it, like another annotation or
@PropertyLayout entry?



On Sun, Dec 1, 2019 at 8:45 AM Dan Haywood <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>