Subject: Extending the Programming Model with @Support?

Yes, there are lots of cases already covered, but not those, when you get the intended supporting-method's prefix wrong.

Typically, when writing new domain-code I'd start with some properties and actions and then eventually add supporting-methods. At the time of writing these, I have a clear intent, that I want these to be added to the model no matter what, and I want to be warned when I get something wrong. This annotation (@Support or @Model) should allow me to express this intent. (However you don't have to, its optional.)

@Brian: You brought the 'addChild(Child ...)' example, where your intent is to have this as an Action? If so, the framework should be able to undersand this intent, when the addChild method is annotated with @Action. Otherwise we have a bug.

Cheers, Andi

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