Subject: swagger-codegen

Hello Brian,
thanks for reporting this. We do have some property names $$... in our REST responses which are not part of the schema as you pointed out.

Currently I don't know of a quick workaround. We'll have to work on a solution, which most likely will not be released before the next milestone 2.0.0-M2. Sorry for that!

As I see it, there is an intuitive way to resolve this:

We do have the content negotiation option 'suppress=true' in the response-content-type "application/json;profile=urn:org.apache.isis/v1;suppress=true". We could use this option to suppress all $$... properties, or - if this breaks compatibility -  add a new option e.g. 'suppressAllHidden' which has the desired effect of suppressing all hidden properties int the REST response.

Cheers Andi
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