Subject: [ANN] Apache Isis version 2.0.0-M3 Released

Hi folks,

After a *lot* of development effort, the Apache Isis committers are
delighted to announce the release of v2.0.0-M3 of the framework.

This is a major milestone release that "re-platforms" Apache Isis so that
it now runs on top of Spring Boot 2.x.  JDK8 is the minimum.  Some

* A new convenience parent pom builds on top of Spring Boot’s similar
parent pom, to make it easy to develop new apps, along with simplified
"mavendeps" pom’s.
* The Maven archetypes have been replaced with Starter Apps in github repos.
* Configuration properties have been refactored, and can now be specified
(with intellisense hints) using Spring’s or

New features:

* a new @Property#projecting allows view model summaries to be returned as
"projections" of underlying entities.
* new layout() method (or UI event) allows a domain object to specify which
layout file should be used to render it.
* there is no longer any need to specify @ParameterLayout#named()
* there is now a security integration with Keycloak

There are also a number of new extensions:

* Flyway (integrating with Spring Boot’s support)
* pdf.js (for Wicket viewer)
* fullcalendar (for Wicket viewer)
* excel download (for Wicket viewer)

Other improvements include:

* Integration test support, and BDD (Cucumber) "spec" support have been
refactored to run on Spring Boot with Junit 5.
* New demo app to demonstrate new features.
* New smoketest app to catch regressions

Finally, the website has been updated to use Antora.

Full release notes are available on the Apache Isis website at [1].
You can access this release directly from the Maven central repo [2].
Alternatively, download the release and build it from source [3].


--The Apache Isis team