Subject: swagger-codegen


I see by using the Swagger-UI that the REST view is usable by inspecting
the JSON.  For instance, I can get an object via the GET url, and then
execute an action on it by looking at the "$$instanceId" member to fill in
the action string argument that is needed for its actions: "objectID".

But, swagger-codegen seems to ignore this attribute.  Maybe it's because it
starts with $$ and is not a part of the generated swagger specification.
Using a generated client stub (I tried both "java" and "csharp"
generators), I don't see a way of finding out the objectID string needed to
execute the object's actions.

Has anyone been able to execute actions from a REST client generated by
swagger codegen?  For instance, in SimpleApp archetype, can you execute the
UpdateName action of SimpleObject?  Is there a basic piece I'm missing?

Thank you,