Subject: Thoughts on future of the Java ecosystem

Hi all!

These are very exciting times for the Java enthusiast. As James Governor
points out in his JavaOne 2017 keynotes talk:

'Things have changed in the Java ecosystem probably more in the past 3
weeks, than they have in the previous 13 years.' [1]

And since Java EE is going open source [2], Java EE is probably on the
upswing again.

Also on JavaOne this year, there was this great talk by Adam Bien 'Java
EE Heavyweigth or Lightweigth -- Mythbusters', where he demonstrated in
a very entertaining way, the lack of reason for going 'lightweight'.

Personally I'm a fan of Java EE and there are 3 main reasons why:

1) The technology is very mature and production proven.

2) It is a standard technology,  and there are good reasons to stick to
a standard and anticipate all its best-practice patterns [4].

3) You get a bundle of features for free, especially monitoring, which
is interesting for productive use.

How does this relate to Apache Isis?

I believe we could do better in honoring those, that are potentially
interested in using Isis on top of Java EE infrastructure.

I would like to motivate a discussion about what you think regarding the
relevance of Java EE for Apache Isis.

Cheers, Andi




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