Subject: Always calling getXxx() and hideXxx() both decreases performance of application (?)


I'm not really sure about this but it feels like our app's performance
(Apache Isis 1.15.0) is worse than before and I believe it might be
because of the fact that the getter and hide method of a property are
called both, despite the fact that the property is hidden.

We have a (derived) property (or referenced property) defined like this:

public String getX(){
     return someService.createX(getY(), getZ()); // We don't want this
method to be called always, because it's an expensive one
public boolean hideX(){
     boolean condition = ... // some condition
     return condition;

In 1.14.0 getX() wouldn't be called if the hideX()-method returned true
and so wouldn't the expensive service-method be called. For 1.15.0 we
would have to change the implementation to something like the following
to make sure the expensive call wouldn't be executed:

public String getX(){
         return someService.createX(getY(), getZ());
     return null;
public boolean hideX(){
     return hideConditionsForX();
private boolean hideConditionsForX(){
     // ... must probably be implemented using QueryResultsCache to
reduce DB-calls

This is also the case for referenced properties for which no DB-query
has to be executed if it was hidden. This could count up if we have a
lot of hidden properties (this might be solved with refactoring).

Am I seeing this correctly?