Subject: We'd like to remove "isis.deploymentType" ... any objections?

Hello everyone!

Dan and I discussed [1], whether we should remove the config option 'isis.deploymentType'.

Remember, we are having this, in order for developers to decide, whether an Apache Isis App should be deployed in PROTOTYPING mode or not (PRODUCTION).

In the advent of Docker, we had to introduce support for a system environment variable (PROTOTYPING), that serves the exact same purpose.

Now, instead of having to support 2 possible ways to configure the deployment type, we would like to discontinue the first one. This relieves us from the burden of having to decide, which one has precedence over the other, and also having to document this somewhere. As a positive side-effect, developers are not encouraged to provide different war files for different deployment scenarios.

So we are asking you, do you have any strong objections regarding this move?

Cheers Andi!