Subject: Re: Wicket Viewer limitations with DataNucleus?

  Dan Haywood 2018-09-26, 05:31
  Brian K 2018-09-26, 17:48
  Dan Haywood 2018-09-26, 17:53
  Brian K 2018-09-26, 18:15
  Andi Huber 2018-09-26, 20:46
  Brian K 2018-09-26, 23:28
  Dan Haywood 2018-09-27, 06:20

It seems that the wicket viewer does not support some features of
1.  Application Identity - I posted earlier about this (
2.  Federated Datastore.  Following instructions at
, I now can use Swagger-UI to query the secondary datastore [1], but Wicket
viewer keeps on keying on to primary datastore and throwing an error [2].

I noticed in your roadmap at
that Wicket may be replaced soon.

Is this something that we could fix with the Wicket viewer or should I wait
for the UI rewrite in 2.0?  Would the best work-around be to create a view
model that proxies all the properties?


[1]:  I added this to

and created the file in the src/main/java folder
of the webapp module (it works when there is no
isis.persistor.datanucleus.impl prefixes to the properties):
[2]:  (my annotations in *bold*)
REST Viewer looking up an object by its id (via Swagger-UI):
10:50:23,803  [Native               qtp1238209644-16 DEBUG]  SELECT
'domainapp.modules.simple.dom.impl.J300eSession' AS NUCLEUS_TYPE, *.....*,
WHERE = <321>

Wicket Viewer doing the same via the web page menu:
10:50:40,578  [Native               qtp1238209644-22 DEBUG]  SELECT
'domainapp.modules.simple.dom.impl.J300eSession' AS NUCLEUS_TYPE,  *...*WHERE = <321>
10:50:40,748  [Schema               qtp1238209644-16 DEBUG]  Column "" added to internal representation of table.
10:50:40,749  [Schema               qtp1238209644-16 DEBUG]  Field [] -> Column(s) [] using mapping of type
10:50:40,749  [Schema               qtp1238209644-16 DEBUG]  Table
dbo.j300e_session will manage the persistence of the fields for class
domainapp.modules.simple.dom.impl.J300eSession (inheritance
10:50:40,760  [Schema               qtp1238209644-16 DEBUG]  CREATE TABLE
    id int NOT NULL,
10:50:40,764  [Datastore            qtp1238209644-16 ERROR]  Error thrown
executing CREATE TABLE dbo.j300e_session
) : CREATE TABLE permission denied in database '*<WRONG DATABASE>*'. CREATE TABLE permission
denied in database '*<WRONG DATABASE>*'.