Subject: Stats on current dev/2.0.0 branches

Hi Dan, I'd like to give a quick overview on current progress ...

Branching off on DN-5-1 and requiring Java 8+ we have:

(1) dev/2.0.0/ISIS-1762-j8-utils

I've included some utilities I'm personally used to, but I realized that
there might be existing variants already in our code-base. E.g. I
discovered that we use a reflection API. So I'm agnostic to the idea,
that we could very well never merge some of these classes into master.

However, there is still one class missing yet, which helps with
exception handling in the context of lambdas, it's the 'Try' monad. But
I don't feel confident to include it, since we might as will pick a
library, that includes it. (Once we have Java 9, things will be easier,
since we can declare classes explicitly for internal use only. I don't
expect this to happen before a year from now.)

(2) dev/2.0.0/ISIS-1740-where-am-i

It introduces the @Parent annotation, and though the code works, it does
not utilize Isis's Feature and Object-Specification mechanism. So
there's still some refactoring work to be done, to well integrate the
@Parent annotation as a new feature.

Could be a learning experience for me to do this, but it would not
sadden me if you take over here .

(3) dev/2.0.0/ISIS-1767-jee-7

I've written an API to remote control JEE containers in order to
automate deployment and integration tests (automated
configuration/proper container resetting). Tests for glassfish and
payara are almost done. (I need to still integrate tests for JNDI
provided connection pools.)

Tests for other JEE platforms might follow, but maybe, as a first step
we could be happy for a 2.0.0 release to at least support glassfish, as
it is the reference implementation.

For swagger to work on context paths we need a little fix [1]. Maybe you
could include this issue, when next updating SimpleApp and HelloWorld.

(4) dev/2.0.0/ISIS-1779-jax-rs-2

I've started work on getting rid of resteasy's jaxrs client API.  Which
is a required step for JEE 8+ but not for JEE 7.  For me personally I'll
switch production from JEE 7 to JEE 8 only once there is a JEE 8
implementation out there, that support Java 9.

This could still take months. So for now this branch is more or less
on-hold. (I'm able to test Isis on JEE 8 already, that's what drove my

You may take over here any time you like.


Cheers, Andi