Subject: How to use select-able action invocations


I'm looking to use the feature described in ISIS-1585 [1].  I can't find it
in the docs.  I have an action that, given date range parameters, returns a
List of domain objects.   I would like to select all or some of the objects
returned and invoke one of the object's actions for each selected object.
I imagine that it would return a list of the objects that were processed
and would be enabled by a simple @Action parameter.

The alternatives I see in the docs are
   1.  Have a collection property of a view model and have the action
annotated with `@Action(associateWith=[the name of the property])`
   2.  Have a domain service action take a collection parameter.  I'd need
a choices... facet method.
   3.  Bulk actions using `@Action(invokeOn=OBJECT_AND_COLLECTION)` - not
really a choice for me because the version I am using does not have it

I think alternatives (1) and (2) would require that the date range
parameters to be defined as members of the view model or domain service
because a collection property or choices facet cannot take parameters.

I am currently running 2.0.0-M2.