Subject: We'd like to remove "isis.deploymentType" ... any objections?

Thanks Dan, I think that makes sense!

Branch v2 has progressed, such that we now have a SPI for determinig the deployment-type. I've done this without changing too much of the previous behaviour (at least thats the intention).

Instead I added some deprecation markers pointing to the new SPI, especially regarding the lately introduced 'environment priming logic'.

Resource names however did change, I have not reinstated the previous behavior here: -> ->
Here's the default logic, for determing the deployment type:

public DeploymentType getDeploymentType() {

boolean anyVoteForPrototyping = false;




final DeploymentType deploymentType =
? DeploymentType.PROTOTYPING
: DeploymentType.PRODUCTION;

return deploymentType;

The make use of the SPI, one needs to implement this interface:

public interface IsisSystemEnvironmentPlugin {

public IsisSystemEnvironment getIsisSystemEnvironment();


For details see the sources and a 'reference' implementation see [1] and [2]