Subject: Rest services

I'm glad we're discussing this.

By "front-end source code", are we referring to code generated by a utility
such as swagger-codegen [1]?  If so, then I would look at that utility to
customize its output to your organization's standards.

About the content negotiation service: I haven't implemented one yet, so
can someone please verify if I have this right?  It looks to me that the
docs [2] are saying that the content negotiator service overloads the use
of the profile portion of the Accept header to give a response that is
different from what is defined in the Restful Objects API specification
that is created when the application is built.   Writing client code to
consume this would be manual, but it would be as simple as the profile you
implement in your content negotiation service.  The output from this
service is an instance of a JAXB serializable class, like a view model [3] .

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