Subject: Voting on 2.0.0-M3 RC2

Hi folks,

Just an FYI, I've mailed dev@ with a vote for 2.0.0-M3 [1]

It's been over a year since the last release, for which we can only
apologise, but on the flip side a LOT has been accomplished in that time.

In this release, we have replatformed Apache Isis to run on top of Spring
Boot, and that sets us up nicely for extending the framework going forward,
most notably JPA support.  We've been able to remove a stack load of
bootstrapping code, as well as upgrade to JDK8, Wicket 8, DataNucleus 5,
replace Javassist/cglib with ByteBuddy, add support for meta-annotations,
and remove guava as a dependency.

The website (which itself has been ported to Antora) isn't yet fully
updated, but we'll be doing that as we head towards M4 and then our final
v2.0.0 release.  You can find a sneak preview here [2]

The voting lasts for 72 hours; all are welcome to cast a vote.

Many thanks

PS: don't forget we now have a slack channel up and running, details to get
on at [3]