Subject: We'd like to remove "isis.deploymentType" ... any objections?

I think, this is an excellent opportunity for us to find out, what we want to be ‘best practice’ and therefore can safely recommend to our users.

System-environment-variables do have one advantage over any other, they are immutable for any operating system process that wants to read them. (Hence I’m an advocate for having only this option.)

Here would be my suggestion ...

1) Command-line

For the command-line, in general simply prefix your command with ‘set PROTOTYPING=true|false’:

set PROTOTYPING=true ; mvn jetty:run

2) IDE

Eclipse and (I believe others likewise) allow for ‘Run Configurations’ to be setup with system-environment-variables. That applies to the launching of processes or test-runners from within the IDE.

3) Docker

Docker allows for Docker images to be ‘primed’ with system-environment-variables using this entry in the image build file (Dockerfile):


But this value can be overwritten, when you actually create your Docker container:

docker run -ePROTOTYPING=true|false my-image


Question is, are these options flexible enough, to serve all use-cases?

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