Subject: Current state on 2.0.0-M1

Thx Dan.

I think, I can live with that no problem.

However, M1 has grown structural rather far apart from the 'stable'
branch, so any changes made on the 'stable' branch need to be merged
into 'M1' not the other way around. Also the idea of rebasing M1 on
'stable' is no longer applicable. (At least that's what I think.)

btw: I'm using the M1 build with my own projects now (on JEE 7 with
axon, dn-5, shiro, patched excel and security modules from incode) and
hence have high interest in fixing M1 related issues. ;)

Cheers Andi

On 06.03.2018 10:09, Dan Haywood wrote: