Subject: [DISCUSS] KIP-517: Add consumer metric indicating time between poll calls

Hi Radai & Jason,

Thanks for the support and suggestion.

1. I think ratio is a good additional metric since the current proposed
metrics are only absolute times which may not be useful in all scenarios.

I have added this to the KIP:
*    - poll-idle-ratio*: The fraction of time the consumer spent waiting
for the user to process records from poll.

Thoughts on the metric name/description?

2. Would it be useful to include a metric measuring the time since poll was
last called? Similar to *heartbeat-last-seconds-ago*, it would be
*This could be useful if (1) the user has a very high *
<>* configured and typically spends a long time
processing, or (2) comparing this metric with others such as
*heartbeat-last-seconds-ago* or something else for gathering data in root
cause analyses (or identifying potential consumer bugs related to poll).

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