Subject: Re: [DISCUSS] KIP-411: Add option to make Kafka Connect task client ID values unique

Paul, Randall, I don't think most people will care to exercise so much
control over the client IDs, so long as they are filled in automatically in
a way that eliminates duplicate metrics and remains somewhat legible. If we
let the user specify a pattern or something, we're really just making the
user worry about these requirements.

For example, if they specify "foo" as the, they'll get a bunch of
exceptions about that MBean already existing. So they'll try
"${connectorName}-foo", which won't work because connectors that get
restarted will re-use the same client ID and the same MBean again. And so
on, until they end up solving the same problem we are trying to solve here.

I think you at least need something like "connect-<taskId>-producer-dlq" to
avoid MBeans being re-registered within the same JVM. I believe the task ID
is based on the connector name, so you'd get e.g.

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