Subject: Re: [DISCUSS] KIP-590: Redirect Zookeeper Mutation Protocols to The Controller

Hi Boyang,

I've got another question regarding the auto topic creation case. The KIP
says: "Currently the target broker shall just utilize its own ZK client to
internal topics, which is disallowed in the bridge release. For above
non-controller broker shall just forward a CreateTopicRequest to the
instead and let controller take care of the rest, while waiting for the
in the meantime." There will be no request to forward in this case, right?
a CreateTopicsRequest is created and sent to the controller node.

When the CreateTopicsRequest is sent as a side effect of the
it would be good to know the principal and the clientId in the controller
audit, etc.). Do you plan to use the Envelope API for this case as well or
to call
the regular API directly? Another was to phrase it would be: Shall the
CreateTopicsRequest be sent with the original metadata (principal,
clientId, etc.)
of the MetadataRequest or as an admin request?


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