Subject: Re: [DISCUSS] KIP-429 : Smooth Auto-Scaling for Kafka Streams

Hello Jason,

1. Yeah I think `emigrate` is not a very good term maybe. On the other hand
`evicted` is quite similar to `revoked` to me.. I'd like to have another
proposal of `onPartitionLost` actually.

2. The interface's default implementation will just be
`onPartitionRevoked`, so for user's instantiation if they do not make any
code changes they should be able to recompile the code and continue.

3. Yes: this is to reduce the rebalance notification latency (green bar in
the digram).

4. Hmm.. not sure if it will work. The main issue is that the
consumer-coordinator behavior (whether to revoke all or none at
onRebalancePrepare) is independent of the selected protocol's assignor
(eager or cooperative), so even if the assignor is selected to be the
old-versioned one, we will still not revoke at the consumer-coordinator
layer and hence has the same risk of migrating still-owned partitions,

5. Yup good point, I will add it to the PartitionAssignor interface.


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